To re-blog or not re-blog, re-spun.

Man working at office desk, looking at computer and scratching head
Man working at office desk, looking at computer and scratching head

In looking at old post and re-spinning them, I have had a look at this one. First off I was shocked at the number of mistakes, even the title was wrong it was supposed to read to re-blog or not re-blog but for some reason I put to blog or not blog. However, it did create a very interesting discussion subsequently I have changed my view and added an extra bit at the bottom!

Just to be very clear I’m not taking a pop at blogs that re-post other people’s work, I follow a couple of those and they are very useful way of finding new blogs. My blog isn’t that type of blog I wanted it to be a platform for me to practice my writing. So far I’m very happy with how it is going.

I’m very unsure whether to re-blog other people’s posts. I have done a few that were so amazing, funny or useful that I just had too. I’m worried if I re-blog too many my blog will lose its identity. I feel a bit of a hypocrite I was over the moon when one of my posts was re-blogged by 5 people and it definitely helped me get more followers. Should I regularly re-blog post to help my fellow bloggers out? I would still only re-blog posts I thought are good but there a lot of those and my own posts could get swapped. Should I stick to just roughly once a month?

Since writing this I have re-blogged several different articles I tend to do one or two a month and on a Friday. I also started sharing anything I like on twitter, that was an idea I picked up from one of the interesting comments made after I posted the original.


15 thoughts on “To re-blog or not re-blog, re-spun.

  1. The question of re-blogging is a valid one. Like you, I fear that my blog would lose its identity if I filled it with too much of other people’s work. I have spent considerable time building my own little fictional world – so much so that I rarely write posts as ‘myself’ and keep everything ‘in character’. That said – I love it when I get re-blogged and I feel I really should do more to help promote my fellow bloggers. I do put links of my favourites up on the ‘share a link’ posts you see on other blogs but I am working towards maybe being able to host my own such things in the future.

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  2. I’ve only re-blogged someone once, quite recently, and I felt a little guilty that a few ‘likes’ came into my blog but not hers. So though instinctively wanting to I’ve not re-blogged anyone since. When I see re-blogs I like elsewhere I try to remember to go back to the original site to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ and quite often end up ‘following’ too. By way of light relief I thought the biggest issue with you original post was the sleeveless jumper…must be an Eric thing! Cheers Eric.

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  3. After 3 years of blogging, I’ve rebloged about 7 posts and have been rebloged maybe 20 times.
    The things I’ve rebloged have generally been jokes or if the timing was on with something I’ve recently posted.
    I, personally, don’t like the ‘only rebloged material’ blogs. I feel like they take your traffic away. I don’t mind if it’s someone who found my post interesting and really felt like sharing it to their readers.

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  4. Well my take is this. In this community we are all dependent on each other one way or the other. We would love our articles to be re-blogged, but a whole lot of us are not willing to share other people’s own which is just a shame.
    What I practice is, if I find an article that would be useful to the public at large, I reblog it. I think I reblog an article once a week or so and it hasn’t detracted from my own writing or readership. I share the concern about losing blogging identity when it’s over done, so it’s really a balancing act, but nonetheless, we have to be supportive of each other.

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  5. I tend to re-blog articles that I either find to be personally interesting or that are in line with the initial reason why I started blogging, trying to understand my wife’s mental health challenges. Since sometimes my job requires me to travel, if I do not have the time to post I will re-blog some of my older posts just to keep my blog active.


  6. I myself only re-blog if it’s something I really like that strikes a chord with me or I feel it would be helpful to other bloggers but only maybe once or twice a month, if that. I get frustrated sometimes when blogs I follow reblog a lot and then I have the same post in my reader maybe 4 times on the same day it can be frustrating. but I also understand that it’s done to help other bloggers a fine isn’t it? 🙂

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