My bucket list.


Don’t worry I’m not feeling depressed or anything I just thought I would write my bucket list. It might have something do with my birthday last week. So in no particular order;

Finish my book!

Get my book published

Get at least one 5-star review, from somebody I don’t know

Visit Athens

Visit Rome

Live in the Mediterranean

Become self-employed again

See an opera at Covent Garden

Live debt free

See my kids settled and happy

Meet J.K. Rowling

Collect all the Harry Potter wands.

So what’s yours?


15 thoughts on “My bucket list.

  1. I’d like to visit the following places: Coliseum, Parthenon, Forbidden City/Great Wall & Pyramids.

    I’d like to do the following: Fly Mach 2 in a military jet, get to go on a sub-orbital flight, own a Corvette and have my ashes launched into space.

    I’d like to make sure: While I may not be rich, at least put my children in a position where they have every opportunity to succeed as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

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