Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing

A great article by Steve Capps, a subject I am very much interested in.

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With the advent of print-on-demand services, self-publishing has become more affordable than ever and opens the doors for many authors as an alternative to the traditional publishers as a way to get their book in print. Self-publishing has some lucrative benefits as well as some risky drawbacks. Only the author can decide what is best for their project, but I hope that I can give you some information to make a more informed decision.

Pro: Higher Royalty/Profit

When you self-publish a novel you do not have anyone other than yourself taking out a portion of your revenue. If it costs you $5 to create a book and you sell it for $20 you just made a $15 profit. When you publish with a traditional house you can expect to see 10-15% royalty for the MSRP of each novel.

Con: Financial Risk

Even though you might see a higher profit, you…

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