Leaky boilers and computers


I’ve been having a hard month, well hard is probably a bit over dramatic but it has been problem after problem. We had the central healing packing in and leak all over the neighbour’s kitchen, ending up costing me the best part of £2k to get it working and repair the damage. A few trips to A&E with the youngest with his on/ off broken wrist. The end of term is when all my deadlines at work become due and I had agreed to finish editing a book by then. Because of all this I’ve been ignoring my blog and my book. When the two week Easter Holiday started everything was sorted out, the heating fixed, the wrist was better, the deadlines meet and the editing finished. Here comes the what happened next bit, I admit it’s a bit longer than usual but has a happy ending so try and stick with it.

On the day before I had planned to start writing my CPU liquid cooler decided to leak all over my computers innards. For those of you not technically minded this is not a good thing! It went over the graphics card and mother board and refused to turn on. The CPU cooler was less than a year old so I decided this was amazons fault and rang them to tell them so. After a couple of days of frustrating phone calls. In one, the person on the other end kept insisting my name was an abbreviation and needed my full name for security purposes. What on earth could Eric Klingenberg be an abbreviation of? Eventually amazon agreed to refund what I had paid for the motherboard, PSU, graphics card and CPU cooler, at the prices I had paid 10 months ago. They wouldn’t refund the CPU as I brought it through an amazon seller rather than them directly.

Now this is the good bit; When I last upgraded my computer I still thought of myself of a gamer and built myself a top end computer, now I just play strategy games that don’t require top specs. I hope I haven’t lost all you none computer types I promise the good bit is coming. So by buying a similar PSU, but now cheaper, down grading my motherboard 1 model and CPU non liquid cooler and buying a slightly better graphics card I ended up being nearly £200 better off. It turned out my CPU wasn’t fried, it worked fine, so I didn’t have to buy a new one.

Of course nothing ever works out perfectly, my eldest persuaded me to ‘lend’ him £120 to replace his keyboard he had just ruined by spilling coke over, despite the fact he has been told not to have drinks next to it……. So I’m not that much better off, but my wife is happy, without a computer to distract me. we got the bedroom sorted out, looks very nice now. Well it did until my new computer equipment arrived and I covered it in boxes.

Anyway I’m now back in blogging world and I have, I hope, some interesting ideas for articles, including a piece about a self-publishing seminar I went too, my experience of editing a book, an interview, some reviews and the usual nonsense I write about. If you made it the bottom of the article well done, go and reward yourself with a chocolate biscuit, go on I said it was ok.

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