Setting Myself Goals


In this results driven world we are supposed to have them. In work I have, I think it’s now called performance management, but it changes its name quite regularly. I did write a bit about work goals but decided sometimes it’s best to stay quiet! We are supposed to have personal ones as well, I’m very behind on those too, by now I should be on my third wife, the first I married for love, the second for money and the third an 18-year-old model. I’m still on the first one, I must get on and finding a rich widow with, as my mother used to so charmingly put ‘one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin.’

This post isn’t really about those sort of goals. I really wanted to talk about writing goals. One thing most aspiring writers have in common is an obsession with goals and targets. I have read a lot of articles with people beating themselves up with different ones, from writing so many words a day, to writing a book in a month. After my enforced break from writing I’m going to go with three blog articles and two scenes a week with one short story a month. I’m hoping this is achievable without giving myself too much pressure. My plan is to go back to writing for half an hour in the morning before work and Saturday mornings. I find I’m much more productive in the morning. To be frank that surprises me because as my siblings will testify I was never a morning person. If I stick to these I should keep my blog going and get the second part of my book finished by the summer holidays, wish me luck!

Feel free to share your writing goals, if you make it public you are more likely to stick to them, well that’s my theory anyway.

21 thoughts on “Setting Myself Goals

  1. One of your best yet, Eric. The humour is engaging. I like your Mum’s comment, and your last sentence is spot on. My goal is a daily post with what we had for dinner replacing Samuel Pepys’s ‘and so to bed’

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  2. Haha, love your mum’s comment! It’s very similar to some classics my nana used to come out with. Good luck with the writing goals – it’s good to have them, it’s the maintaining I always struggle with. I’ve had ‘write your book’, written in capitals and underlined multiple times in my notepad for months! 😕

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  3. I am one of those that set goals and beat myself up if I can’t achieve them. I am working on it though. I have a knack for putting the bar very high for myself. I have two blogs and a business. I am working on making it all work! Good luck, I hope you reach your goal!

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