When did he become better than me?


I can build computers (well sort of). The first one I built was before I was married and I did have to get help at the end to trouble shoot it to make it work. I have built several since then. After I got married my eldest step-son wanted a better computer so he saved up and we brought the pieces I think he was about 12 at the time. We were supposed to build it together but in reality he hovered nervously behind me while I got increasing angry with it. Eventually we had a new computer. After that we upgraded or built a few together with him becoming more useful. When he wanted to upgrade his one last summer he did it on his own then I had to help correct his mistakes. This Christmas he brought some new parts and did the whole thing without my help. A couple of weeks ago I had to rebuild mine. The story of why is here. When the parts arrived I looked it with a sinking feeling, I don’t really enjoy building them. I called him in to help, he’s now 16. He just took over I handed him tools held screws, passed copies of instruction and directed the lamp. We hadn’t discussed who was going to take the lead, he just did it. I have so say it was the least stressful build we had ever done.

I hate to admit it and I’m safe saying it here because he never reads my blog, I’m not even allowed to mention him by name, But he is much better than me at building computers. He has a natural talent for it whereas I just keep going to thing eventually works. This time it worked first time, something that’s never happened before.

I’m not cross that he’s better at building computers than me, because I never really liked building them. I just hope he never takes up writing ……

29 thoughts on “When did he become better than me?

      1. I finished the 4th draft of my novel and I am working on a rough draft for a separate manuscript right now. Class has been rough, which is why I haven’t put much time into my blog lately.

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  1. Yep, I am definitely still writing. Also I had a possible project I was going to see if you’d be interested in helping me with. I have been considering trying to start an online quarterly/bi-annually speculative fiction magazine. If you are interested we can bounce some ideas off each other through e-mail.

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