Facebook bullying


I ‘m rapidly going off facebook! I don’t mind people posting things I disagree with. I don’t mind the ones who post every detail of their life (my sister), after all it’s good to know she had had to pop out to Tesco’s again as they have run out of milk. I don’t mind it being yet another Autism awareness week, presumably last weeks didn’t raise enough. I don’t mind pictures and posts deliberate designed to get an emotional response, being devoid of emotion they don’t work on me. I don’t mind people posting pointless things that I have no interest in what so ever, after all I do enough of that myself.

What really makes me angry, has me shouting abuse at my screen is being told to like, share or copy and paste a post. I’ll decide what nonsense I want on my wall! I don’t care if someone is 123 and assassinated the Kiser’s uncle in WWI let me chose if I want to like it! I will not share something just to prove I like you, and frankly if your way of picking friends is those who share posts on facebook then I would question your system of forming relationships!

If you share this post then you are guaranteed to win the lottery, if you don’t then your left big toe will fall off in the next week!

32 thoughts on “Facebook bullying

      1. Maybe to only plug your material, but don’t post your whole piece on there.. I’ve had whole posts reposted and FB will not take the offender down. Or it takes so long to get them down, all your hits went to the other guy. 😲

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      2. Nah! Interesting is relative. Yours are very interesting to me!
        Mine are educational and can be used as school papers, articles or advertising.

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  1. Totally agree…blogging is definitely for me…mind you wouldn’t mind a book deal too! Twitter I genuinely feel more free without it’s nagging presence, Facebook yes still a maybe? I was lucky enough to speak to quite a few successful self published authors, most now signed up with publishers, at the London Book Fair last week and without exception though they did Tweet none thought it made much difference re book sales…Facebook though they thought essential.

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  2. I have bee off Facebook since late 2009, it’s a whole story…
    But I am wondering if I should get back on at least to have a page for my blog, seen that a page cannot be created without a personal account I’ll have to bite into the sour apple one day, I guess.

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  3. It has it’s good points although some days I struggle to find them..ha ha.. but as writers we need it……..yes we do…..I just do my own thing and that works for me…great article 🙂 Bloggers are much nicer 🙂

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  4. Not that I was ever “on” FB, I did have a page so my posts would run there. I didn’t get any of my followers there either. (Well, I wasn’t active on it) I stopped last year as their copyright rules are loose and I didn’t want folks stealing my stuff.

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  5. My left foot has been gone for a while now so there’s that. I am a very reluctant FB user. I like the Potter posts as well as some sport’s groups but other than that, I hardly check. I removed the icon from my cell phone screen as well. My professional blog has its page on FB but I find I have more interactions on Twitter. If I had to pick, it would be my blog and Twitter. But I do not have a book to market so maybe for now, don’t check FB often?

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    1. The jokes ones are funny, but you never see enough of them. My other pet hate which I couldn’t mention in the article because it would upset people are the ones who post; ‘Feeling low today.’ Or similar comment. Try to get others to ask what’s wrong.


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