My book blurb, again

I have previously struggled to write a decent one, I did try before but it wasn’t very good so the other day I had another go at it as quite few people have been asking me what my still unfinished book is about. I didn’t look at the old one before writing this so hopefully […]


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Write every day in May

I came across this by accident when I was looking for a hashtag for my latest pointless tweet about my word count. Before finding, it I have been trying, and for once successfully, to write every day. I did try setting myself goals about how many posts, scenes and short stories I would write in […]

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American English

Before I get in to my subject I would like to state I’m not having a pop at Americans, I know a few they are nice people (apart from Donald Trump). That last sentence was a bit misleading; I don’t know Trump. American English can cause a lot of problems for authors from the UK. […]

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My weekend cup

I love the weekends, I know this isn’t exactly earth shattering news. Most of us, however much they like their jobs, look forward to weekend. I like to do serval different things on the weekend to make it feel special. One of the things I do is have a cup I only drink out off […]

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Naughty pictures

It’s time we had a talk about these type of pictures, now we are all adults so don’t be coy. I’ll go first, I will admit it, I have used those type of pictures, you know the ones I mean. You find pictures for your blog posts on google and post them without checking if […]

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