Living on a budget


Unless you are lucky enough to be very wealthy we all have to live on a budget. Until recently we have not been very good at controlling our expenses. We are constantly have been asking ourselves, where does our money go? Just before Christmas, inspired by some very good posts on budgeting, I finally got around to writing a budget and recording what we spend our money on. I have to say it’s not the most interesting way to spend your time, or the most interesting thing to write about, but then I have to fill this blog somehow!

After sticking to it (sort off) for a few months we discovered a few things. We have had a few disasters’, like needing new radiators that have set us back. However most our money disappears on incidental things not large expenses. It’s not just the kids, but they are terrible for asking for money all the time. We also do spend too much on whims.

The new plan is to think about everything we buy, and ask ourselves, do we really need it. So far it’s worked and we are starting to get a small amount of savings.

So here are my top tips for saving money.

1. Don’t have kids
2. Don’t have pets
3. Avoid hobbies
4. If your perspective husband likes champagne, don’t turn up for the wedding (that one is for my wife).
5. Don’t use credit cards for stuff (oh why did I not listen to that one).
6. Use cash rather than debit cards for incidental spending, it’s easier to notice it disappearing.
7. Make a budget, even if its mind numbingly boring.
8. Don’t have a quick look on amazon before you go to bed if you have had a few drinks
9. Don’t be unlucky.
10. Make sure all your lists have 10 points then you will achieve success in life.

Feel free to share your tops with the world.

17 thoughts on “Living on a budget

  1. Yep, budgeting is hard, but it’s worth it! I have a husband, kids (one in univer$ity), hobbies, a life that sometimes includes bad luck, and a budget. Hang in there and be deliberate! You probably use a planner to plan and keep track of how you spend your time, so it makes sense that you’d plan and keep track of how you spend your money. You can do it!

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  2. Heh…could not help but get a bit of a chuckle with that list, since apparently I am so screwed by violating multiple items on that list!

    What really has helped me is designing an excel spreadsheet, using in conjunction with a calendar, to really manage my expenses and know where my money is going to.

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      1. I plan when my bills are due on my calendar, know what paycheck they are going to be paid from which lets me budget for all my variable expenses from there.

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