Don’t let the B*$%@*@ get you down


We all have our problem weather its money, kids, relationships or work. I have my share of problems like the rest of you, don’t worry I’m not about to list them! A while ago I noticed how negative I had become, it’s very east to fall into the trap of wallowing in your problems. I have been trying a few things to get myself out of this cycle. Just to be clear I’m not talking about depression, I know that is a whole different kettle of fish to just felling a bit down, I am lucky enough not to have suffered that but my heart goes out to those of you who do.

The first way of dealing with it is really no longer any good for me. Religion can be a great comfort and used to be for me. But I can no longer fool myself there is god but somedays I wish I could. Life was a lot easier when you can rely on your invisible friend to sort it all out.

Putting things in perspective; one of my steps son’s favorite sayings is ‘first world problem.’ He has a point, we have a place to live and don’t worry about affording food and clothes. I can walk about my home town without fear of being shoot, bombed or drafted into fighting. This already puts us in an exclusive group. I think some of us need to remember this more when we are moaning about the price of cocktails!

Forcing yourself to think positively. This one sounds very corny but does work for me. When I wake up instead of focusing on something I’m dreading, I try to think out about something good about the day. It might just be a chance to do some writing or what I’m having for dinner. It could be I’m getting closer to a really good thing, like two days before I can go out for a drink.

Living for the moment; I’ve read this is a great way to be positive but never manage it myself I can’t stopping myself worrying about things that have happened or might. The few times I find myself doing this by accident is usually when I am at my happiest.

Worrying about that other people think, I don’t mean your nearest and dearest, if you don’t worry what they think then you’re probably a sociopath or a teenager. I have got better at this over the years but still waste to much energy worry about what people I don’t even like think about me. Writing has helped a bit with this although I like it when people enjoy what my random wintering’s or say nice things about my book I essentially write it for my own enjoyment. So as I said in the title don’t let negative people drag you down!

What are your top tips for staying positive?


17 thoughts on “Don’t let the B*$%@*@ get you down

  1. Sometimes it can be really tough to paint on a smile and get through the day. I also take the time to remind myself of how fortunate I am and to focus on the positive. But if that fails, I employ the ‘fake it til you feel it’ method and quite often, after a few hours of pretending to be cheerful, I actually feel a lot better. Chin up, chap!

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  2. I always say to myself “Live this day as if it were your last.” I also smile and say “good morning” to people. Smiling is infectious (with most people). Some people choose to say nothing or ignore me and my smile, but that’s their problem.

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  3. I try not to get overwhelmed. Instead of letting one massive problem bring me down, I break it up into more manageable sections. I also try to “reward” myself once I complete each section as a means of positive reinforcement and motivation.

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