Naughty pictures


It’s time we had a talk about these type of pictures, now we are all adults so don’t be coy. I’ll go first, I will admit it, I have used those type of pictures, you know the ones I mean. You find pictures for your blog posts on google and post them without checking if they are free to use. Technically it’s a type of stealing. I could claim I was a naïve young blogger, fresh faced and rosy cheeked. However, ignorance of copywrite law is no excuse, after all if someone passed my writing off as theirs I would be upset, well to honest more shocked that anyone would want to.

I have heard stories of bloggers being taken to court for breach of copywrite by using someone else’s pictures. These tend to be ‘I know someone who knows someone type’ of stories so I don’t know if has actually happened. I’m not going to take the risk so I turned to using stock photos that are free to use but more recently I’ve started taking my own. I might not be the world’s greatest photographer (I think Hugh has that title) but I’m quite pleased with the results.

So stand with me and say from now on no more naughty pictures!

Oh you thought I meant a different type of picture? Well shame on you!


35 thoughts on “Naughty pictures

      1. Oh now there is an idea I could write an article exposing EU officials shipping over Muslim extremists, who have now taken over our schools and are forcing our kids to eat halla meat and not celebrating xmas. Maybe the EU officials should be gay as well? This stuff just writes itself, be a writer on the Mail must be so easy.

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      2. HahaHA! You are probably a bit too literate to get the job, make sure you have copious amounts of questionable grammar and maybe a few more anti-Muslim angles and the job’s yours! (I will apply to the department who just copies & pastes articles from Reddit)

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      3. I fool myself into thinking that a lot of those customers just want to start a bonfire or something. I am ashamed to say that the comments section online is a guilty pleasure for me.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve been using more and more of my own photos just to be safe, although some of that may be me simply trying to justify the expense of the stand alone camera I asked for at Christmas.

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  2. lol, thank you for my new title.

    I do know one blogger who was recently fined £250 for using an image on a post she published in 2013 that she had no permission to use. And, get this! It was on a reblog, so not only had she not written the post herself, but she got fined because the original author had been very naughty. Some images are only free for a limited time, after which they must be removed. It’s all in the small print, but who reads that these days?

    I agree. Use your own images. That way you can’t get into any trouble. I also use a great site called Canva for creating my own images. Google them for details. They have lots of free images, but also some that cost just $1.

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      1. If you’re unsure, I’d be safe and delete the images from those posts. You can always recycle the posts and publish them again with your own images. It has been said that most of a blog’s audience changes every six months, so new followers will probably have not read those posts.


  3. hello, we can always know to whom belongs the picture we find on the net, right clik and search with google. When there is no answer avalaible I mention found on the web. But when it comes to instagram, all these improbable photos – they say ‘no filter’ as if we eat 200g magic mushrooms per day – they are so unreal …. In any case we all know that what we set on internet, wherever, does not belong to us anymore.

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  4. I applaud you! This is a stressful area. I’ve made the same mistakes and now I am so careful. I have clear copyright on my web site and blogs too, so if one of the stockphoto companies tries to embroil me in some action because their work was taken from my site, I can show where I clearly told people those photos are not for the taking!

    Try to check where photos originate from and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. It’s a reverse search engine which saves your hide.

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