My weekend cup


I love the weekends, I know this isn’t exactly earth shattering news. Most of us, however much they like their jobs, look forward to weekend. I like to do serval different things on the weekend to make it feel special. One of the things I do is have a cup I only drink out off on the weekend and school holidays. It’s a great cup I brought in Harry Potter world. Every time I drink out of it I remember it is the weekend and it makes me happy. Mid-week I sometimes open the cupboard and look at the cup just to cheer myself up knowing soon I will be able to drink out of it.

Any of you have any rituals or things you use at the weekend, or is it just me?


19 thoughts on “My weekend cup

  1. That’s a nice way to celebrate the weekend. A special mug! I don’t have one yet but after reading your thoughts I think I must start one now. I like a lie in but the dogs don’t know Monday from Saturday, maybe I will have a ritual of keeping the dogs with my kids on Friday nights!

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  2. Friday night is dance party night. We pull up the kids’ favorite youtube videos and show off skills that would make others outside the home run away in fright (or at least wonder if we should be given anti-seizure medication). One day, the boys will be too embarrassed to participate, but I am going to enjoy every Friday night until then. On Saturday and Sunday I allow myself extra spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee (I try to be more healthy during the week) and it is glorious.


    1. You know when I first came across your blog I was under this misapprehension you were fairly normal. Mind you I’m siting hear sounded by quills, wands and potion bottles, so who I am I to talk!


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