Write every day in May


I came across this by accident when I was looking for a hashtag for my latest pointless tweet about my word count. Before finding, it I have been trying, and for once successfully, to write every day. I did try setting myself goals about how many posts, scenes and short stories I would write in a week. I didn’t even succeed with those for a single week.

So my new thing is just to write something every day, doesn’t matter if it’s just 100 words. So far I’m doing quite well with it. Last week it was the book; this week it has mainly been my blog. There is something satisfying about writing every day. I know realistically I will miss the odd day but will try not to give myself a hard time about it.

Anyone want to join me, admittedly a bit late with writing every day in may?


22 thoughts on “Write every day in May

  1. Great ambition Eric, I tried that when I first started on Word Press, prior to that it was My Space, enthusiasm waned as speed affected the subject matter and diversity of material, plus the fact that everyday life’s trivia’s do affect time and attention.
    All the best mate.

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