European Union has it come to this?


I normally avoid politics on my blog, but this time I’m going make an exception. After quite a bit of deliberation I have decided how I am going to vote on this, but I’m keeping that to myself.

What is really getting me quite cross under the collar is level of debate from both sides. Instead of extoling the benefits of the EU the stay campaign seems to be bring out scare story after scare story. As far as I can tell if we leave they think we will be plunged into a dark age shortly afterwards and we should all start finding suitable caves just in case.

The leave campaign is no better, according to them if weren’t for the EU we would have colonized mars by now, ok I’m over exaggerating a bit. But the under tone of racism is very unpleasant, as a son of a migrant I find it’s very distasteful. Don’t even get me started on the conspiracy theories of how they (other EU countries) are all ganging up on us! There is a lot wrong with the EU, the waste and bureaucracy but they appear to be focusing on very base issues as if we aren’t bright enough to grasp other concepts.

What’s even more worrying is the media have turned it into who going be next Tory party leader contest rather than the future direction of our country.

I will cast my vote on the 23rd, but with a heavy heart and I’m not telling anyone how I voted, I don’t really want to be associated with either side.

27 thoughts on “European Union has it come to this?

  1. It is the increasingly erratic rhetoric I object to. Neither side is presenting a coherent, objective argument and, like you, I know which way I will be voting but I don’t support either side as they have both behaved appallingly.

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  2. Best wishes on your decision Eric, seems the whole Worlds Governments are fighting over Elections or votes and decisions, Australia included with our election coming up.
    Seeing as how I am not voting on the EU subject, I can safely say I would be getting out fast before it brings England completely to it’s knees.

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  3. Eric, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I do not know who to vote for. I have drawn up a list of the pros and cons for both, and I am stumped. I just wish we were not placed in this situation in the first place.

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  4. It may make you feel better to know I have to choose between a lieing, murdering, Monsanto lover (Hillary) or a loud mouth billionaire (Trump). I’m voting for Trump. Lesser of 2 evils and we need a shake-up on capital hill.

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      1. There’s no chance someone can come in and win now. Our election is November 4th. It’s one or the other. Pray for us. 😉

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  5. I was going to say something along the same lines as Sharon. Welcome to the club. I hope you don’t stay awhile (in the club that is. Whether you vote to stay in the EU or not is entirely up to you).

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      1. Lucky for us, our election cycle keeps getting longer so it will only be a few months before the fun starts all over again with new faces and even more terrible ads. I do so envy your campaign rules.

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  6. Good and honest post. If both sides of the screaming match on Facebook read your balanced words their heads will spin around and explode in disbelief that anyone could not be enthusiastic.
    I’ve always been for one option; but I am disappointed in ‘my side’ trotting out tales of woe, gloom, terror and four loud horsemen if the other side win. It’s getting to sound a bit 1984-ish
    Since the Conservatives are as split over Europe as Labour is over Nuclear Deterrents this issue would be bound to morph into being about a ‘Leadership Question’.
    Politics….it happens.


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