Suzane beware of the Devil

This old reggae song by Daddy Livingstone just came on my I-tunes and got me thinking. The basic idea is the singer has a girlfriend called Suzanne who has lost interest in him and found another chap. Instead of blaming himself, asking what he should do to win her back he is blaming the influence […]


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The problem with Andrew

I find names hard to think of in my book so I have resorted to using list form the internet. I also thought I would use friends names as well. I started using friends names partly as a bit of a joke but also to help with the physical descriptions. Nothing wrong with that you […]

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Making fiction believable

I know it’s not real, as the clue is in the name, but there should be an element of realism in a book. I’m mainly talking about how the characters talk, respond to events and relate to each other. Here is the main list of things that annoy me that I’ve tried to either avoid […]

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My first book launch

Not my book unfortunately but the first one I have ever attended. It was for a romantic fiction book, which is not my sort of thing at all, but the author is the same writing group as me so I thought I would be supportive, plus I wanted to see what happen in one. I […]

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Wahoo 500 followers!

I’ve just hit 500 followers! I know you shouldn’t worry about the numbers but I’m very pleased to have hit another milestone. I have just had a quick look back and I made 100 followers on 29/8/15 so not exactly astronomical progress but progress none the same. I would like to thank everyone for following […]

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I love My new Note Book

As I have mentioned before I have a thing about fancy notebooks. My Harry Potter ones are getting full and was complaining the other day we can’t afford to order new ones this month, as any Harry Potter fan will tell you the merchandise is very expensive. My wife, obviously fed of up of my […]

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Hamlet with a twist of Africa

I got to see a RSC production on Wednesday night, it was by chance a week ago we were walking past the local cinema and saw they were beaming it like to local cinemas. We hastily brought tickets without finding out anything about this particular production. We when we arrived on the night it started […]

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Confessions of a blogger

I have a confession, I’m a little embarrassed to be publicly admitting it, and I do feel very bad about it. I have not been reading your blogs recently. Well I’ve read a few, but not many. Writing my book has really taken off recently and keeping posting on my own blog takes time. Then […]

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Book update

Just finishing writing 1400 words today so feeling very smug, time for an update on my book, on the off chance someone might be interested. If you’re not interested feel free to pretend. I’ve mentioned before, I completed part one a while ago. When I say completed, it’s 61k words long I’m happy with the […]

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