Book update


Just finishing writing 1400 words today so feeling very smug, time for an update on my book, on the off chance someone might be interested. If you’re not interested feel free to pretend.

I’ve mentioned before, I completed part one a while ago. When I say completed, it’s 61k words long I’m happy with the story and sub plots, I think it needs work on the descriptions and some of the dialogue. I have someone beta reading it for me and had some positive feedback which is great but then I am his line manager so he couldn’t really say anything else.

I’m working on part two at the moment and it’s proving a bit of a different beast. With part one I had the chapters planned out, admittedly it changed as I went along but I knew the rough journey. With part two it has a start and an ending of sorts but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get there. Following advice, I just stared writing it and has developed in ways I wasn’t expecting. For a start it’s a lot darker, people keep dying! One character only lasted a couple of pages and died before he had a name, he has one now, Nigel.

One of the minor characters from part one, Daren, the necromancer, is playing a bigger part than I expected and I now might have part of the climax from his POV. One of my other minor character has also turned out to be very two faced, something I didn’t see coming. The character I was thinking of basing my next book on is going to die.

If I can manage and average of 300 words per day I should be up to 90k by the start of the summer holiday which is almost a finished book. Hopefully by the end of the summer it should be ready for an editor.


16 thoughts on “Book update

  1. Exciting times! It is quite unnerving how characters take on a life of their own, isn’t it? But that proves that you have some great characters going on! My thoughts are with the dear, departed Nigel. No doubt he achieved more in his two pages of existence than many of us do in a life time 😉

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