Confessions of a blogger


I have a confession, I’m a little embarrassed to be publicly admitting it, and I do feel very bad about it. I have not been reading your blogs recently. Well I’ve read a few, but not many. Writing my book has really taken off recently and keeping posting on my own blog takes time. Then there are the everyday things like work and feeding my kids. I have also started taking more exercise, no really I have. So with all this I just don’t read as many blogs as I used to.

It is a shame I have been amazed at how much I have picked up from all the things you write, some great advice on writing, life or just reading about other people’s experiences.

My writing has got better now (I hope) I have a set time to write so I’m now going to try and do the same for reading blogs. You’ll know if it’s worked you will hopeful see more comments from me on your blogs.

For those of you who read this hoping for a juicier confession, sorry I don’t have the time to get up to anything that interesting. Once my book is finished I promise to make time to get involved in a celebrity scandal, I wonder if my friend still has Helen Bonham-Carters e-mail address?

57 thoughts on “Confessions of a blogger

  1. As confessions go, it is pretty tame – but then again, when it comes to bloggers, admitting that you haven’t been reading blogs could be deemed quite scandalous haha! I feel your pain. Trying to keep up with the online world when there is so much going on in real life is tough. Your time is far better spent writing, believe me. Glad to hear it’s all going so well – forget about us and work on that masterpiece!

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  2. Don’t feel bad! Or your’re not alone in your guilt! I, too, haven’t been able to read as many blogs as I’d like. I’ve started something new (my post “A different rhythm” addresses it) which, together with my day job, is taking a lot of time. Not to mention a building project around the house.

    All the best with your book! Time well spent, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to getting back “into” it all, but not sure when it’s going to happen… 😉

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  3. Oh dear don’t fret about it …write your book and just read what you can, when you can and it will fall into place….I lie! But all you can do is what you can like all of us except for the super organised people and I am not one of those 😉

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    1. I hate those people! I ask are they happy in their super tidy houses with their well-behaved clean kids and balanced bank accounts, with their well organised free time? The answer unfortunately is probably yes.

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  4. Don’t feel bad. There’s only so much time in a day. And when the Muse comes a’ calling, you just have to let her in!
    (Actually I’ve had the opposite experience and now have to negotiate with a whole lot of characters who are nagging me something awful about getting on with ‘Their Book’…..’their’ book?. Wow, characters can be naggy!) )
    All the best with your book; strive on, let the words flow.

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  5. Erik, as said above, you’re not alone. I try to read a few blogs here and there, but then I feel guilty because I’m neglecting my characters (and they’re not pleased about that at all LOL). We only have so many hours each day. Trying to do everything will only throw us into a state of numbness, and you know what suffers then…that’s right…our WIP. Best wishes on your book.

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  6. Darn work and family time – always getting in the way.

    I’ve been dealing with the public shame of not getting my book written fast enough too and have had to scale back my ‘social’ time as well. It will be worth it though, right?

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  7. Good to know another person who has disciplined themself to write and abandon all the social addictions. I can’t seem to find the balance, so I keep up the fight to do everything.

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