The problem with Andrew


I find names hard to think of in my book so I have resorted to using list form the internet. I also thought I would use friends names as well.

I started using friends names partly as a bit of a joke but also to help with the physical descriptions. Nothing wrong with that you might think, some of them might be flattered, might even buy the book. You would be right some are flattered. Now here is the problem. Instead of keeping it quiet I let people know I was using their names, I expect it was to help eventual sales along. However, it has just dawned on me that two of my characters, Eleanor and Andrew, names that I had taken off a list, but I also know several Andrews and one of my friend’s daughters is called Eleanor.

Andrew is only a minor character but is deeply unpleasant person without any redeeming features, I can’t say anymore to avoid spoilers. I would hate for any of the Andrews I know to think I named him after them.

Eleanor is one of the main characters and far more complex but on the whole not someone I would want to be compared with.

I like the name Eleanor too much to change it but I’m seriously considering changing Andrew to someone a bit more obscure, any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “The problem with Andrew

  1. Why is it so hard to come up with names? It should be fairly straightforward but no – the right ones never seem to leap out. My first thought was that you could use a shortened for of Andrew – Drew. Then I thought Martin – Martin sounds like a bad guy. But not very obscure. I have a character in my new book called Horatio, that’s a pretty good one. Or Hector. Okay I am going to go now before I just ramble random names at you all morning 🙂

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  2. Just a thought: Take an ordinary name……say Lawrence….then misspell it…..say Lawrynce (no hits on Google btw!). Add a brief note why he or his parents did that deliberately (not in a nice way) and you have an odd name and one reason for them being unpleasant.
    (You also can have much fun fiddling about with words doing that)
    Best wishes for your project.

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  3. Step one: stop making friends.
    Step two: stop visiting family
    Step three: sever all other connections to other real live people
    Step four: name your characters freely knowing that no one will possibly get offended.


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