Suzane beware of the Devil


This old reggae song by Daddy Livingstone just came on my I-tunes and got me thinking. The basic idea is the singer has a girlfriend called Suzanne who has lost interest in him and found another chap. Instead of blaming himself, asking what he should do to win her back he is blaming the influence of the devil on her making her fall the new man.

Now I need to careful as I have recently accidently upset and old Christian friend of mine with one of my social media comments. I’m not trying to insult anyone’s believes but I do find you get people who will blame their mistakes on outside forces to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, be it luck, karma, tarot cards, the devil or the invisible leprechaun that whispers in your ear. Back when I was a believer I do remember a couple, who when they had a row would feel the need to share it with every one, why I have no idea. The reason for the row was never, as in the case of the rest of us, one or both of you is being an idiot, no it was always the devil’s fault. Which meant of course neither one felt the need to alter their behaviour, which meant they rowed a lot, at least once week so they had something to share!

I do wish people would take responsibility for their mistakes, unless of course it was your wife’s idea then you can’t be blamed!


3 thoughts on “Suzane beware of the Devil

  1. Yup, I agree with you. I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine whose divorce just got finalized. She of course blames the other woman. I can totally see why but then there’s this one thought popping up all the time: Why would he have cared to find another woman? Why is he now in a steady relationship with the other woman and happy for years? Maybe because those two just didn’t work together. My friend is a very head strong person. She likes things to be done her way (and often without any compromise), which is hard enough as a friend. Being a partner though, I believe it can get to the point where it’s not bearable anymore, where maybe you feel like you need to get out. Maybe in that moment you meet someone, someone who is different that your partner. And it clicks. Sometimes there are reasons. Sometimes you need to try at least to see them. And sometimes you need to take on responsibility. Even if it’s hard. Own the mistakes you’ve made as well and not just play the blame game… and see… now I feel like a bad friend…

    Anyway. Great post.


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