Swimming and writing


Anyone who has looked at my picture will see I’m a bit overweight, ok I’m fat! I have been trying to cut down on my food intake but I’ve also started swimming twice a week to burn off those fat cells.

Swimming is one of the few exercises I enjoy, I can do it with little fuss and I don’t have to talk to anyone. Well most the time I don’t, some people do try and strike up a conversation with me, I really wish they wouldn’t. The other week an elderly man groped me five times! We all occasionally accidently touch if you are swimming in the same lane, this chap managed it five times include brushing his hand across my groin and still touched me after I had changed lanes, I was very putt off, it wasn’t as if he was good looking. What was worse when I had finished I nipped in the loo and he was standing in there.

However, I am getting off the point, what I was going to say is how fantastic swimming is for planning your book, the other week I came up with a whole new plot line. Now before swimming I always think about which chapters or scenes I’m going to work on next to play them through my mind. By the end of the session, usually about 50 minutes, I have it all sorted to write the next morning. If I ever become a bestselling author I’m going to get my own pool, free of strange old men.

Anyone else have activities that help you improve your writing?

13 thoughts on “Swimming and writing

  1. I try to swim two or three times a day, but it really hasn’t helped me shed pounds. I was walking until my left knew started stinging. Now I just break away from the computer to get another cup of coffee.

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