Why I no longer want to be an editor.


I wrote a while ago how I had edited a book and was thinking of going freelance. The book was Soul Siphon by James Harrington, if you haven’t brought it yet quickly order yourself a copy then read the rest of this nonsense.

I did enjoy editing the book and it definitely helps you view your own work with different eyes and spot similar mistakes. I got a sense of accomplishment seeing it published. But when all said and done it wasn’t my book, the story was good one (You should know that by now if you have brought you own copy) but it wasn’t mine.

What I really love doing is writing my own stuff, however bad that might be. See my characters come alive and develop a mind of their own, actually that’s can be quite annoying. So I’m not going to become and editor, there is only so much free time and I would rather spend it writing.

It doesn’t mean I’m not willing to be a beta reader if anyone needs one, after all there is always time to read.


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