Kenneth Williams and other forgotten gems

I wrote a while go about finding old albums I had forgot I loved. This time I have found and old album I didn’t know existed. I love listening to old radio shows on the I-player while I’m cooking. One of my favorites is Round the Horn, in this show Kenneth Williams plays a folk singer Rambling Syd Rumpo. He sings songs made up form nonsense words and ones that have long gone out of use out together in a very Williams way to sound a bit rude.

While bored I was searching for some new music and I came across an album he did some time ago. It’s very funny and very silly. I now play it if I need cheering up, it never fails to make me smile. Don’t believe me go and listen to it!

So loosen your grussets, traddle your thrumbs, let your bossacks down and away we go!

Anyone know of any other like this worth listening too?


5 thoughts on “Kenneth Williams and other forgotten gems

  1. Half of my childhood and early teen years were enlivened by Round the Horn and its predecessor Beyond Our Ken (basically the same team).
    Starting a few years later was a radio forerunner of Monty Python & The Goodies called ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again’
    Another show which has a devoted following and there are many CDs of was “The Navy Lark”, the adventures of one of the most haplessly crewed frigate in The Royal Navy; Jon Pertwee, Leslie Philips, Stephen Murray, Ronnie Barker to name a few of the cast, and overall about 20-30 characters; the humour and situations might sound dated a bit but Radio 4+ still broadcasts them.

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