February the Fifth – A cappuccino of a novel

February The Fifth: The First Hilarious Glothic Tale (The Glothic Tales Book 1) By Derek Haines


This is a sci-fi story of February a member of the royal family but not the heir, being the third boy not even the spare. He is left to get on with his somewhat vacuous but happy life. This is all changed when his father and two brothers unexpectedly die. Now the leader of large galactic empire he finds that not only is he not in charge but his life expectancy isn’t very long either. He flees with his sisters and a few friends to find some answers.

What I didn’t like

It’s a bit of a straight forward plot no real twists to speak off and I do enjoy a good twist. Since writing that, last week, I think I have been a bit unfair there are some twists in the story just not dramatic ones.

No real chrator development, February does change, quite dramatically but it doesn’t have the feel of natural development.

His friends, although good characters, are all rather too convenient to the plot and I would have like to see a bit more conflict in his group.

Quite a bit too much telling and not enough showing for my tastes, particularly with the relationship in the groups, rather than tell me how quickly their friendships develop show me!

What I did like

There is quite a bit to like in this book;

It’s a fun story, it has good pace and chugs along nicely.

Some really well thought out back story to how his family become the rulers.

Some witty dialogue, although not quite Terry Prattchett, it will make you chuckle

A very well thought out and funny climax, can’t say any more, spoilers!

Although this book will not win the Booker prize I enjoyed it. It has floors, but then don’t we all, it leaves you happier then when you started it. If you would like a nice easy read, then this is the book for you. I will be reading more in the series to see how things pan out.

4/5 stars I’ll round it up to 5 when I get around to putting my reviews on Amazon.

Amazon uk link
Amazon.com link
Authors blog

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