Plans for the Summer


Last year at the end of the summer holiday I wrote a post worrying I had wasted my time. I know I’m lucky getting six weeks off, something I get great pleasure from reminding my friends of, but I do worry that I waste it. This year I decide to write out what I hope to get done so I can felt better at the end that I haven’t wasted it. There is the risk I’ll just spend six weeks playing computer games and do none of this.

Here is my list

Produce and second and hopefully third draft of my book
Sort out the character notes
Keep up with my blog
Swim at least 3 times a week
Get my book’s face book page up and running
I was going to add something about getting my garden sorted out, but I think my wife has stopped reading my blog no need to put that one in because let’s be honest, isn’t going to happen.

You’ll notice, despite the picture it doesn’t mention sailing. There is a reason for that but I’ll save it for another blog post.

Well I’ve done it I’ve put my colours to the mast, in six weeks I’ll let you know if I managed any off them. Anyone have any interesting plans for the summer?


11 thoughts on “Plans for the Summer

  1. A glider – I’m determined to go up in one before September. It’s so easy to let the week’s run away from you though, isn’t it? At least yours are mainly indoor pursuits. I tend to lean on the weather as an excuse too!

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