Power games


When I started writing my book (yes sorry it’s another post about my book) I just wanted to tell a story, but somehow I have developed a theme. My book has become about power and why people want power. I’ve always been interested in power and have even meet a few national politicians. I genuinely believe some of them enter politics with a desire to help but often lose their way however there a lot who seek power for other reasons. I know that it is never simple an I’m not good enough writer to really capture the nuances of people’s motivations but my characters are dived in the following groups;

Those who want power for its trappings.

One of my characters likes the trappings of power, to have people hang on his every word, to jump to his every command. Not to mention the lifestyle power can give you. He is not really bothered about what he does with his power as long as he can hold on to it. This is probably my most unrealistic category although there are people in the world who enjoy the trappings of power, I can’t think it would be the only motivator.

Wanting power to exercise it.

I call this the Tony Blair group. He has always struck me as a man who wants to exercise power because he thinks he would be good at it without any real desire to do something or achieve any particular goals. He had goals but these where expedient at the time. I have at least two characters very much like this.

One issue politicians

The Nigel Farage group. I have one firmly in this camp, they want to achieve one thing, of course the danger in this is they will push everything else aside to achieve it, in my books case that includes others’ lives. I always admire their conviction but never believe the ends can always justify the means.

Wanting power because they deserve it

The divine right of kings, in my most cynical movements I would put Cameron and Osborn in this group. A belief they have some sort of right to power either through birth or another factor. In my book I have a character who most definitely believes he should have power, can’t tell you why it would be a spoiler, Because of his self-belief whatever he does would be right because he can’t be wrong.

Now which one will end up on top? Well you will have to read the book when it’s finished!


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