Endurance Writing

A few years ago endurance ironing was the rage but has endurance writing ever been recognised as a sport?

You may wonder why I am suddenly asking this. I was at my writing group when I overheard a conversation between two older members. A bit rude to eavesdrop you might think, but when I post three days a week have to find inspiration somewhere.
These two were discussing writing space and how one of them had a friend who preferred a downstairs writing room to an upstairs one. The both agreed it was important to have a space free form distraction where you can lock yourself away to write in piece. I smiled to myself.

I live in a two bedroom flat, quiet a nice home, it’s has fairly big Victorian rooms but I share this flat with a wife, a teenage stepson, a soon to be teenage stepson, a dog and a cat.

I have my desk in our bedroom, next to my desk is my wife’s crafting table where she bashes pieces of wire to make jewellery and creates all sorts of clever things on her sewing machine, while I’m writing.


Eldest step son will get bored and come into the bedroom to talk to us. For some reason, I don’t think its medical he talks at a shout. He will engage me in conversation regardless of whether I’m writing or not. Well ignore him I here you say! He will soon learn and respect your boundaries. Oh you naïve reader, you have not meet him. He sees being ignored as a challenge to get attention, I could write another article about his strange and inventive ways he has of disturbing me, in fact I might just do that, after all I need three a week. He has now started asking money to leave me alone.

The youngest one while has more social graces than his older brother will not deliberately bother me whilst writing but likes to play on his laptop in the living room with his friends. Like his brother he seems to have to talk to his friends out a shout. Perhaps his friends are particularly hard of hearing? Well they probably are now with him yelling at them all the time. I can often hear him through two closed doors with my music playing.


The cat is becoming old and cantankerous and will demand to be fed constantly, she doesn’t meow pleasantly, she yowls at top volume. When not demanding to be feed she jumps on my lap, not out of affection but she loves my chair and doesn’t like me sitting on it. On the rare occasion she stays on my lap she tries to get me to stroke her by biting me. If I throw her off she just jumps aback on. Rather than sit on my lap she prefers my desk, in fact likes to lie on my keyboard while I’m trying to write.

The dog is the least distracting but likes to lie under my desk, which is fine until he decides to lick my bear feet.
Despite all this I have managed to write my book.


With all this training I feel I could represent the UK in an endurance writing event, if synchronised swimming can get in the Olympics why not endurance writing?


9 thoughts on “Endurance Writing

  1. Props to you for managing under such distractions!
    My husband made me a little nook in the spare room. It’s peaceful but feels as if I’m cloistered away in a bower. I prefer the dining table in the center of the action. I don’t know why, but it’s easier for me.

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