WiP Wednesday #1: A Novel in 3 Sentences

This a new blog for me, he found me and I dutifully followed back. I’m pleased I did although he is a better writer than I am (grrr) it has some great tips and advice as well as an entertaining read.

Clockwork Clouds

Recently I’ve been taking part in a fair number of Writing PromptsAnd I’m always on the hunt for more! – but, whilst they’ve been excellent at helping my brain follow different inspirations, they mean I never get round to posting about the novel I’m actually working on in the background. For that reason, I want to start doing Work In Progress Wednesdays. It’s been something I’ve been planning to do since I started up my blog and I think it would be a good way of maintaining my focus and updating my progress on my novel.

With this in mind, what better way to start to this process by taking part in Sacha Black’s Writespiration! If you haven’t been to Sacha’s Blog it’s a great resource for writers; each of her posts are all kinds of helpful and today’s exercise is no different. For today’s…

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One thought on “WiP Wednesday #1: A Novel in 3 Sentences

  1. Thanks for the Reblog! (My first ever!) As for being a better writer… You haven’t seen my first draft! It’s woeful haha. I think it’s just important we’re all learning and helping each other on the journey! Thanks again Eric, you’ve made my day 🙂

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