A week of re-blogging

Last year I wrote an article about the blogs I love. Some of them have fallen by the wayside, so I was thinking of writing a new one. The problem is I’ve not been so good at reading other people’s blogs. Not because I don’t still love them, I do I’ve just been finding it […]

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Endurance Writing

A few years ago endurance ironing was the rage but has endurance writing ever been recognised as a sport? You may wonder why I am suddenly asking this. I was at my writing group when I overheard a conversation between two older members. A bit rude to eavesdrop you might think, but when I post […]

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It’s all over now

I’ve done it, I’ve ended a relationship, I’ve sold my boat. I didn’t want to, I loved my boat. She was great to sail, but that’s the problem I can no long sail in her. It’s all my fault two years ago I ran her aground on some rocks damaging the keel. You would think […]

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Too much swearing

One of the things I have been giving a lot of thought to as I approach the editing stage of my book is do I leave the swearing in. There isn’t a lot of swearing in it, just one character swears he uses the f word a few times, it is fitting with his personality […]

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Back to earth with a bump

I’ve just started on editing the first draft of my book. Yes, I do know I have mention that I’ve finished the first draft more than once, but hey I’ve never written a book before. I’ve not looked at the first chapter for about six months but this was the one chapter I had already […]

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Plans for the Summer

Last year at the end of the summer holiday I wrote a post worrying I had wasted my time. I know I’m lucky getting six weeks off, something I get great pleasure from reminding my friends of, but I do worry that I waste it. This year I decide to write out what I hope […]

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Power games

When I started writing my book (yes sorry it’s another post about my book) I just wanted to tell a story, but somehow I have developed a theme. My book has become about power and why people want power. I’ve always been interested in power and have even meet a few national politicians. I genuinely […]

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