The smelly toilet

Our recent holiday on a canal boat was great I would recommend it and the company we hired from to anyone but I’m not sure I wouldn’t recommend the boat we hired. It was very narrow (douh!) the bed was unconformable but the toilet was something else. These boat are equipped with toilets that have […]

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Roof Boy

One of the great things about our recent holiday on a canal boat was how much the youngest step son enjoyed it. I’m not going to mention the older one for the sake of my blood pressure. His main job was to help me moor and cast off while his mother and brother did the […]

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Beware danger Ahead

I’m sure you have all noticed I have not posted for a week. (I know none noticed but allow me my delusions!) It’s because I was on holiday. We hired a narrow boat for a week and cruised the Kennet and Avon canal. It was a lot of fun but more importantly has given me […]

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Why I hated chapter three

What feels like a life time ago I wrote how I hated chapter three of my book. (just realised I wrote that over a year ago, where did the time go?)Now I’m in the re-writing stage I can see why. It was rubbish. Far too much telling not enough showing. It ended with Tybalt in […]

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