Beware danger Ahead


I’m sure you have all noticed I have not posted for a week. (I know none noticed but allow me my delusions!) It’s because I was on holiday. We hired a narrow boat for a week and cruised the Kennet and Avon canal. It was a lot of fun but more importantly has given me inspiration for some blog articles I will be posting over the next few months. Titles include;

The smelly toilet
You meet the nicest people on boats
Hounded by ducks
Roof boy
Narrow boats are hard work
Where did the water go?

This will mean, I’m afraid pictures, we took a lot of pictures, so might want to avoid my blog for a while. I will still post about Harry Potter and my book, not that’s any consolation.


17 thoughts on “Beware danger Ahead

  1. Look forward to your posts. I wonder did you pass Timothy West/Prunella Scales as they meander along Britain’s waterways for their TV programme? I’ve noticed they seem to drink lots of wine but no mention of toilets, smelly or not.

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    1. I think it’s only an offence if it’s powered by an engine. You can be as drunk as a Lord on a sailing boat. Don’t take my word for it, reading it on a blog isn’t a defense in court!

      We saw a lot who were drinking and driving canal boats, a few very drunk. I didn’t, I know how much it can impair your judgement, I saved my drinking for the evening.

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