Why I hated chapter three

What feels like a life time ago I wrote how I hated chapter three of my book. (just realised I wrote that over a year ago, where did the time go?)Now I’m in the re-writing stage I can see why. It was rubbish. Far too much telling not enough showing. It ended with Tybalt in bed thinking about how his life had change then falling asleep, it could have only been more clichéd if I had him say ‘Good night Jon-boy.’ I have got rid of that bit.

I’ve now spent ages re-writing it to what I hope is a better chapter. How do I feel about it? Well I don’t hate it as much but I’ve spent too much time on it to like it. It could really do with another go over but I’m going to let it go and move on to chapter four, hopefully that one is better.
I hated chapter three



4 thoughts on “Why I hated chapter three

  1. I know the feeling all too well. I have probably a chapter and a half that will have to make a very compelling case between now and 2017 if they want to remain in the final edition.


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