Hogwarts fails on student welfare.


I have been giving this a lot of thought and I have serious concerns about student welfare at Hogwarts. The students are organised into Houses, this is very common in English schools and the Head of House is responsible for their welfare. In Hogwarts the Head of House has a very hands off approach to say the least. I think Professor McGonagall only enters the Common Room three times in the whole time Harry is there. There appears to be no set bedtimes for the students. Harry Ron and Hermione spend many a l late evening in the common room. Anyone who is a parent will know kids want to stay up to all hours but often can’t handle it.

Parents will also tell you teenagers, and boys in particular, can have a very laissez-faire attitude to personal hygiene and often need to told when to wash. Apart form the occasional shower after quidditch there appears to be no set routine or anyone checking up. I just hope the common rooms have good ventilation.

Now they do have prefects but all through the book they don’t do a lot and certainly not much to help with welfare. They system of virtually no adult supervision and prefects is a perfect one for bullies, just look at Tom Browns school days!

The curriculum is no better. There are no wizard primary schools. Parents are responsible for teaching their own children. When they arrive in Hogwarts there is no English or Maths lessons. Both subject isn’t something you can do a bit of at home or at a Muggle primary school and be proficient in! No wonder none of the pure bloods can cope with muggle money!


20 thoughts on “Hogwarts fails on student welfare.

  1. That’s true ! ! I often wondered about that. They are 11 year olds and over. What other things do they learn at Hogwarts after graduation. Are there jobs available in the wizarding world to all the graduates?

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  2. Cracked me up! So very true. However, one should not blame Hogwarts as a whole. Considering the mantra of Hufflepuff, I suspect that they took much better care of their students, and how often did you see a Ravenclaw out of bed after hours?

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  3. I’m slightly more concerned that the Head of House A can arbitrarily issue punishments to a House B student, even if dangerous – like hunting the unicorn killer in the Forbidden Forest. Or answering Lockhart’s mail.

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  4. I was also surprised by how small the school was when I saw it in the flesh (as in your photo). I know you’ve been there too, they must be crammed in there like 25 school kids in a mini from “Record-Breakers” don’t you think?

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  5. I have wondered about Wizard primary schools before… Perhaps those were only open to wizarding families for the basic non-magic education (wizard history, basic reading and writing… and assuming maths etc since they can deal with their own money) they needed before going on to actual magical instruction. Muggle borns of course got the regular muggle primary schools before getting their acceptance letters.

    also, to be fair to McGonagall – she might not have known that certain students were getting up and out in the common room at all hours of the night. A wonder there wasn’t more Hanky Panky though, considering both boys and girls could leave their dorm areas so easily in the middle of the night… 😛

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