Back again


Some of you may have noticed, or not, I don’t know, that I’ve not been posting properly for a while. It isn’t due to lack of articles I have quite a few saved. A few weeks ago I lost my confidence with my writing. I posted some articles about my holiday, I thought they would be interesting. They were not as good on paper as they were in head, which is often the case with any sort of writing. However, the last one in particular, was rubbish, plus I posted it with lots of mistakes. I did go back and fix them later, but I started worrying everyone was just laughing and my articles.

I have since told myself this is silly as the main reason I write my blog is to practice, and I hope improve my writing, so if people do make fun of it or not even read it doesn’t matter. Having said that it does make me very happy when people do read it and comment.

I have a week off, so apart from working on book I’m going to write more articles, spend time editing the ones I have already done. I hope by this time next week, which should be the day I post this I will be feeling much happier about my writing. If you are reading this, it probably means as I’ve stuck it on my blog. Well if you’re not then I’m still feeling the same way but keeping it too myself.

13 thoughts on “Back again

  1. Aw, Eric! I am sorry to hear you have had a bit of a writing wobble. Don’t worry – there isn’t a writer alive who doesn’t go through this, sometimes on a fairly regular basis. The thing to do is just keep at it, so it’s great that you plan to do exactly that. And I very much doubt anyone was laughing at your articles. Chin up, dear chap!

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  2. As the others have written… it’s a writer thang! No one is thinking you used ‘too’ in the wrong form here. That’s the fun of blogging. Glad you’re back. I do wonder sometimes what’s happened to bloggers when they drop off suddenly. 🤔

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