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I have been trying to get to grips with twitter and use it to promote my blog. Although I have about 700+ followers it’s not proving successful so far in getting traffic across.

One thing I’ve noticed since using it more is the plague of automated messages. I fell for them at first, thinking how nice and replied, until I realized they all sounded pretty much the same and no one ever replied. The format seems to be ‘Thanks for the follow, have a happy Monday.’ Or whatever day it happens to be. Personally I don’t see the point because most people will cotton on to the fact it’s automated, even the slow ones like me. Especially if you reply and they just send the same message back as a reply!

Even though it seams pointless there must be some benefit to them. I was wondering if I should have a message as I don’t want to miss out, this is what I’ve come with so far.

‘Hello this is not an automated message; I really sit here 24 hours a day waiting for a follow. This is the main reason I have still not finished editing my book. Thank you for following me if you are kind enough to reply to this I will reply with another non-automated message. If you want to know more, please look at my blog.’

What do you think, will it fool people?

9 thoughts on “Twitter automated messages

  1. HA! It’s worth a try, I suppose! I personally have no objection to automated messages, as long as they are imaginative (such as yours) and the sender actually acknowledges any reply I might send. I do think they can work as a digital ice-breaker for people who genuinely want to make connections, but it’s no good if it’s just, essentially, spam. I don’t think people will be fooled by your message, but they will appreciate a fresh take on the automated reply. I say give it a go.

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  2. I think my notifications are off for Twitter. Yes, I post to it, but never open the app… don’t even know how many followers I have… surely not many as I don’t follow anyone either!
    Love the imagination tho!

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  3. I can’t stand the auto-reply messages, though the one you suggest would actually make me laugh, which is not the case for the majority of them. The ones I particularly despise are the ones why say Thanks for following! Follow me here, here, here, and here, and buy my book! I naturally recoil. It’s like going on a first date only to see they have already made a scrapbook of what your wedding will be like and have your kids’ names planned.

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