Feel free to scream


I’m sure like me, you have all been avidly following the latest controversy with Justin Bieber and his UK tour. Just in case you haven’t, he has been asking his audience to stop screaming so he can connect with them. I can’t imagine this a two-way thing so I assume he was planning on talking at them. When his fans didn’t listen in Manchester he walked of the stage.

This might surprise you to know but I’m not a fan. I know I’m probably missing out but there it is. I do remember when he burst on the world stage he came over a nice young man who sung a terrible song. I am told his music has now got better, I’ve not listen to anything since the one where he screams baby, baby a lot. However now he comes over as a bit of a prat (I’m being nice I could have used a stronger term). This latest one does seem to put him in to a new level of brattieness. They pay to hear him sing not lecture them.

I will now publicly pledge not to tell anyone off who screams during breaks when I’m reading my novel when I am a famous author. So, if you are planning to come to a book signing better start practicing your scream.

P.S. I was going to put a picture of the man himself but was quoted £174 for the rights so decided to go with this picture of the river and a tree I took while walking the dog this morning. I paid myself a cup of rather nice coffee for the rights to them.

8 thoughts on “Feel free to scream

  1. Awesome post! Laughed hard!
    I don’t follow that little dweeb. I couldn’t imagine being such a pompous ass. We hear all the stories here about his antics. I wish they would just jail him already.

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  2. *sigh* there have been a ton of Hollywood types that have said they will move to Canada because of the election…can they take Beiber with them?!?


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