Indi publishing coming to the rescue of readers?


I’m finding it hard to find interesting traditional published books. Publishers either play it safe or you must be a celebrity. Two recent traditional published books I read were real disappointment. Seventh Son, which was turned in to a film was a complete drag. It’s normally the sort of book I love. In fact, it’s the type I’m writing, a boy becomes a wizard. The problem is it takes the whole book for the boy to discover he is a wizard. Lots of minor adventures a plot of sorts with a dodgy priest, the twist I could see coming a mile off. The book was written with intention of a long series but I will not be buy any more of it.

The second a little better, boy discovers he has powers just as his uncle who brought him up is killed. Despite being a loving parent he forgets him within a chapter. He travels to a magic school where they are split in to nobles and commoners. All the commoners are plucky hard working types, the nobles snobbish unpleasant and cowardly. Add to it a sub plot of dwarfs being treated like the Jews in Nazi Germany and you have a fantasy book written to a formula.

Whereas some of the indie books I’ve read recently have been a real treat with unexpected twists and different story lines. I’m too lazy to list all of them but Sea Witch by Hellen Horlicks and Pearseus, Rise of the Prince by Nicholas C. Rossis jumps to mind but there are many others. I’m not trying to say all indie books are great but there are some good ones out here and if you want to read books that are a bit different it could be your only option.

So, take a risk read an indie book you might be pleasantly surprised.

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