How to increase Your blog traffic

Sorry that was click bait, I don’t have any real answers, but I did try an interesting experiment. I normally post on Monday Wednesday and Friday. So, on the first week I did just that. On the second week, I reposted each post on the next day then all three posts on Saturday. On the third week, I posted just three times but spam posted on twitter. On the fourth week, I posted three times but spent a lot of time commenting on other people’s blogs. Now I know it’s not very scientific because the quality of the blogs post can vary a great deal plus there is a huge element of luck. Having said all that here are the results;

Week one (post three times) 125 views, 79 visitors 84 likes and 37 comments (includes my replies)

Week two (Re-posting each article at least twice) – 161 views, 79 visitors, 107 likes and 36 comments. The increased visits where mainly on Saturday the rest of the week was the same as the previous, so I think re-posting on Saturday is a good idea.

Week Three (Spamming twitter) 124 views, 77 visitors, 70 likes and 39 comments. I got lots of extra follows and retweets and likes on my tweets but according to the stats only one click from twitter. I think twitter can be a bit of a game you get lots of likes in the hope someone will do the same but no one is really that interested in your articles.

Week four (commenting on other blogs) 150 views, 88 visitors, 65 likes 21 comments.

Well it would appear that re-posting on the weekend and interacting with other bloggers is the way to go. Twitter for me is currently a waste of time but I’m going to continue with it.

I’m sorry it sounds a bit mercenary that connecting with bloggers just to increase my traffic. In my defense, I had been planning to do more of that anyway. I have been missing reading others blogs so it was a case of killing two birds with one stone. However, spending more time reading blogs has caused me a problem with my book. I get up early at 6 am to work on it before work, but the past week I have done a lot less because I’ve been using some of that time to read and comment on blogs. I’m going to have to use that time strictly for writing and read blogs in the evening and on the weekends. The only problem is that work has been so horrible I’ve been working very late hours I have no energy in the evenings. There is only one answer it to give up work!

Feel free to share any tips you have for increasing your blog traffic.



22 thoughts on “How to increase Your blog traffic

  1. Getting traffic to your website or blog is a constantly evolving game with the rules being changed by social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter all the time! I have been running an experiment by default this past few months as I have not been using social media to highlight my photography site as I have not been doing much photography…. visitors to website – 0. With everyone now having websites and blogs it is a constant battle to remain visible and fight to be seen! Even if you are successful at what you do, it’s tough and the media platforms know this and manipulate reach to make you pay. I admire anyone that makes a success of this and even more so if they make a living out of it. It seems like it is very much a full time job so I guess the answer is a change in career!! You just have to love what you do, engage with people and use the experts… I have found the digerati quite helpful (and reports that FB has a lower reach when adding photos than when you simply post a written status update!!!). Who knew??

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  2. I haven’t done any experiments like you have, however have noticed a few things (I also post M-W-F…)
    A quick, weekend photo (little text) gets me lots of hits.
    Yes, if I go read others and like them, they come to me. Also, they don’t come if I don’t.
    Commenting almost always gets a follower 😉

    I also feel it’s WHAT you write. My blog is informational, but not really personal. It gets hits when folks want to learn something and generally, that’s not what’s going to go viral.
    My tarot card post gets about 250 hits a day and 2nd is my poison ivy post… that one will hibernate until next spring.. its dropping hits as I write.
    I dingy use FB and tweet, but don’t maintain my acct.
    Good luck! I don’t know what else to say! 😅

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  3. Don’t ever worry about the numbers. The stats on WordPress don’t always add up (as many have discovered), so read them with a pinch of salt. Blogging is all about enjoyment. It should never make you feel guilty or stressed. So, go forth and enjoy it.

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      1. Been there, done it, got the Tshirt. Blogging becomes far more enjoyable when you ignore and forget about the stats. The only stat that is important to me is the one that shows which of my blog posts have been the most popular. Those are the subjects I now concentrate on when writing posts. They do the work of pulling in the readers and the traffic (with some help from Social Media).

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  4. I get the point most people here wanted to make, that we shouldn’t worry about stats. However, although blogging isn’t only about numbers, I feel we all can agree that when we post something, we want it to get noticed.


    1. Thanks for the comment, sorry it’s taken so long to reply, the reason why will be in Mondays post.

      I agree interaction is the best way, something I’ve not been doing the past month.


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