The world Gone mad


Sorry to disappoint you but his isn’t about Trump or Brexit but please click on the like button before you move on to reading the next post about how the world is ending or how we are entering a new golden age depending on your persuasion.

I had to book a ECG for eldest step son, the consultant wanted it after his new meds had changed so it wasn’t needed for another twelve weeks. I rang the very nice lady at the hospital and as soon as I mentioned the date she had a minor melt down. Apparently if she doesn’t book us an appointment within six weeks the hospital is fined.

Now let’s just think about that for a second, ignore the fact we didn’t need it in six weeks, focus on the fine. This will be a fine imposed by what ever body now runs the NHS. At the time of writing this it’s still a government body but when it’s posted in a week or so it might be Virgin, Timpsons or anther random company the government has contracted it out to. So the fine will go back into the NHS budget but leave the local hospital short, and it’s already in budget difficulties. It’s not just the fine. There is probably a whole department who have to administer the fines. The local hospital will have to employ several people checking they are meeting the deadlines and pay said fines when they don’t.

If you multiply this across the country that’s a lot of money being spent to move more money around. I don’t know how many doctors, nurses that equates to but I imagine a lot. Who on earth thought this was a good idea? I did read and I don’t know if it’s true, but there are now more administrators than doctors and nurses in the NHS. If this is true, then its barking. I’ve often believed that in the NHS and education we don’t need to raise taxes and spend more money, we just need the end nonsense targets and other silly and pointless tasks. Get rid of the unnecessary admin and get on with the core business. But then what do I know? Personally I blame Trump for it all.

8 thoughts on “The world Gone mad

  1. There’s always an issue when there are more managers than laborers. That’s what I feel my gov has become. I now feel relief as there will be a house cleaning coming soon! 😄

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  2. Sounds about right for the 21st century admin mindset imposed by a govt (any govt will do). It all starts with the fatuous line “Value for money for the taxpayer”. So instead of supplying more frontline staff, they hire management consultants to come up with systems which might sell crisps or clothes but does not work for public bodies. They then set up a team to make sure it ‘works’ and’ oversee this, having invested money in the Value for Money.
    In principal there is nothing new here. Back in the day, the system was called an inspection and arrived one a year in the form of a couple of senior officials who scared everyone for a week or so, then went away again; it was much cheaper and worked just as well.
    The key words the next time you hear a politician pontificate ‘Value’ ‘Money’ and ‘Taxpayer’. If they are all spoken within 5 mins you’ll know it’s an imposition to suit a party-line (any party-line)
    ex-civil servant (rtd)

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      1. Yes, we could lure the consultants into the office lift, jam the doors and make it go up and down.
        Then the middle mangers could hold daily two hours meetings on how to deal with the rescue issue. (evil tee-hee)

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