The price of friendship


As a child, I was always told you can’t buy friendship. Such ideas were reinforced with the parable of the prodigal son, who as I’m sure you all know his friends vanished once his money ran out. Now I’m beginning to question this wisdom. We have all been plagued with offers of thousands of followers for a small fee on twitter. I know these are just bots but it has given me an idea.

I know have a plan to take this to the next level. For a reasonable monthly fee; I will like your posts on blogs, twitter and Facebook. Not only that I will comment and share said posts at no additional cost!

I realise I have been providing this service free for a number of years so I shall have to charge you retrospectively. Some of you I’m afraid owe me quite a bit. There will be no ‘mate’s rates,’ that would defeat the object.

If anyone wants me I will be busy preparing invoices.

14 thoughts on “The price of friendship

      1. Naturally! (I will in turn deduct this cost from my income when submitting my accounts to HMRC…I used to work for its predecessor HMIT…lol)

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