Reiki Nanu!

For my re-blog today an old favorite Ritu. A great blogger, poet and fellow teacher. She has also followed my blog from pretty much the start. This is an interesting piece which I can relate too, our football mad youngest is always getting hurt. Personally I don’t believe in Reiki, but that might be more to do with how I was brought up, but each to their own. I hope you enjoy reading.

But I Smile Anyway...

This last week, amongst other things, My dear Lil Man decided that it would be a good idea to get concussed by a stray football!

On Thursday I got a call from his friend’s mum (He goes there after school and I pick him up from there) to say he was in a bad way, crying and headachey because of a hit to the head.

Obviously I left work ASAP and rushed to get him. A couple of years ago he got hit on the nose quite hard by another ball, and was concussed then too.

The boy was a mess. Tears flowing from a severe headache, but he was not compliant about getting checked out.

We agreed that if he woke in the morning with a headache, then Daddy would take him to the hospital to get checked.

Obviously, that was what had to happen. His temperature was up…

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