A Chapter From My Book


A chapter from part two, or book two depending on what I eventually decided. I don’t think it contains any spoilers so it’s safe to share.

It’s the meeting of the assassin’s guild. Now don’t think it’s like Terry Prattect’s assassin’s guild from Ankh Morpork more like On The Buses, (a sit com from the 1960’s if you didn’t know). It’s only the first draft so probably full of mistakes and might be completely changed if the book ever comes out. Here it is, any helpful comments and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Matthew slunk into the room, keeping to the shadows and slipped into vacant chair, in a manner fitting his vocation.

“Right now we are all here we can begin.” He looked up and saw the leader of their guild, Farringdon, standing up the front with his usually slightly irritated expression. “We all know things have not been very good of late.” There was a lot of angry muttering from his audience. “But I know have some good news, we have a new client.” He brandish a list with a flourish. “On here are fourteen names each worth 1000.” He paused “GOLD!”

There was a great deal of noise a lot of people started talking excitedly at once, some started calling out questions. Matthew sat there thinking. This had to be too good to be true. The leader struggled to gain control of the meeting eventual every one settled down.

In the lull Mathew stood up. “What’s the catch?” the room went deadly quiet.

Farringdon gave a patronising smile. “Now Mathew there is no need to be so negative, always looking for a problem.” He gave a nervous laugh.

“I like to know all the facts before a job, so what’s the catch? No one pays 1000g to kill some quiet old ladies. Who are the targets?”

“I wouldn’t call it a catch as such but as you say for 1000 gold the targets will not be a push over. I suggest we divide the list in to teams, safety in numbers and plenty of gold to go around.”

There was a lot of murmuring and noodling to this idea.

Matthew still felt uneasy. “You are still not telling us who we need to kill.”

“Well … um.. Ok now don’t over react there reputation is over exaggerated but we have been asked to kill ..mages.” He had said mages in a very quite voice but it didn’t work the room was in uproar, everyone was shouting at once.

“Are you insane?”

“All the mages are dead!”

“We will get incinerated!”

“I’m not dieing for 1000 gold! I don’t care how much it is you cant spend it in the void!”

Farringdon waved his arms to try and get order again. Matthew looked around the room there was fear on a lot of faces but a fair fee looked greedy.

“Now now calm down, mages will die just like any one else we just need to catch them off guard, when they least expect it. They can’t use magic when they sleep.”

“Or on the privy!” There was a lot of laughter which broke the tension.

“Yes thank you you get the idea. This money will set each of you up for life, you could retire.”

“Yes that’s what I’m afraid off, being retired permanently by a mage.” More laughter.

Matthew waited for quiet again, until the noise died down. He stood up and caught Farringdon’s eye who gave him a short nod but didn’t bother to disguise the look or irritation on his face.

“Who is the client, who would pay this much gold to kill mages?”

Farringdon puffed out his chest and look around the room “Any right minded person would pay to stop them coming back, we have all heard the storied of what they did.” There was a lot noise agreeing with this, again Matthew waited for it to die down.

“That’s my point we have all heard how powerful they are but you didn’t answer my question. Who is paying?” He sat down again.

“He wants to remain anonymous, but I have seen the box of gold, we will get paid.”

“If we live!” someone shouted out.

Farringdon wrapped his knuckles sharply on the lecture again the noise died down. “Look normally you come here and moan about the slim pickings, how much risk we take for little reward. Now we have a rich reward beyond what any off us could hope for and you are still complaining!” There was a lot more jeering to this. Farringdon waved his hand to be quiet. “If you want come and sign up and I’ll arrange you into groups, remember you don’t get paid if you are not in.”

“You don’t get paid if you are dead either!” Matthew called out, most of them ignored him and made there way to the front to put down their names. Matthew hated himself for it but he got up too add his name, after all when would he ever get a chance like this?


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