Not enough time to read


I have recently realised I am not reading enough. Normally I read loads of books a year. I had started my usual annual re-read of the Harry Potter Books at the start of the summer and by now I would be finished however I am on book six. I would love to say it’s because I have been slaving away at writing my book, which I have, been but that’s been in the morning. The real reason I have been watching too much TV and playing computer games.

It wouldn’t be so bad we’ve been struggling to find decent TV to watch. Subscribing to Neflix has helped but there are only so many decent dramas out there. If you don’t like soaps or reality TV you can be a but stuck for choice.

I’m going to try and read for at least two evenings a week rather than watch TV but after a long day at work and in the kitchen cooking dinner it can be hard to anything other than turn on and tune out.

Any suggestions for good tv programs to watch?

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