A little kindness can go a long way.


I’m back in the blogging world. I had intended to take a week off in the new year, but then one week became two and before I knew it I hadn’t posted for almost two months. The original plan had been to take a short break but the longer I left it the more I dwelt on some unpleasant comments I got on one of my posts. I mainly write my blog for myself, to practice my writing. All the connections I’ve made has been an added bonus so I shouldn’t really care if attract a few barbs.

The reason I writing again is a simple comment somebody posted the other day. Just asked if I was going to post anything new because they enjoyed reading it. It wasn’t from somebody I’m related to before anyone asks. It’s incredible how a simple act of kindness can make a difference. Because of that I started writing again.

It has also made me think if I am the type of person who encourages others. So, from now on I will try and do the same, make encouraging comments on other people’s blogs because you might never know how much they might help.

Enough of this drivel, normal service will now commence; three posts of twaddle a week. I have a few plans. Not only will I be keeping you up to day on the progress of my book, weather you want to know or not. Including the endless agonies over small decisions. I will be exclusively revealing the secret to writing the perfect novel, having a popular bog and how to have a successful social life. These secrets will be reveled on my blog without charge and the need to give me your e-mail address. I’ll post then on the next three Saturdays, miss them at your peril. Any authors would like to do an interview or write a guest post please ask. I might not have a large following but they are all perfectly formed.


17 thoughts on “A little kindness can go a long way.

      1. All it takes is one opinion. Some folks get set off after a few lines in the post. Those folks just need to go. I enjoy the few “touchy” posts I’ve written and have gotten some polite rebuttal, which I love and welcome those comments.
        Ironically, the few troll rebuttals I’ve posted had my “blogging buddy’s” get up the troll’s grill 😂 It was actually quite funny!

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