Give quiche a chance.


Back when I was an evangelical Christian no church event was complete without quiche, for some reason every brought a quiche. Not nice homemade ones but rather soggy efforts from Tesco’s.

Despite this traumatic childhood experience I have retained my love of them. Not just any quiche, I get home made ones from the local cheese shop. Every Friday I buy a piece and save if for a late breakfast on Saturday. Unfortunately, the dog and eldest stepson has also developed a taste for them but they are in short supply. The shop owner now saves me a piece as she often sells out by lunch time. Only one piece thou, so eldest misses out. I know what you are thinking, why doesn’t he share or even sacrifices his piece for eldest child? Oh, you poor miss-guided reader you have never tasted this quiche, it is not for sharing!

I would tell you where this heavenly food can be bought but I don’t want to endanger my weekly supply so you must find your own!

It is also where I get my coffee from but that’s another post.
Have any of you discovered something like this? (don’t give the location away).


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