10 things I would tell my younger self

10 things I would tell my younger self;


1. Don’t use credit cards
I have spent years living off credit cards eventually you end having to have credit cards simply to maintain the ones you have. I’m paying them all off now but I dread to think of how much interested I’ve paid over twenty years.

2.Get into more trouble.
I’ve always been a bit risk adverse, particularly when I was a boy. I really wish I had got into more trouble, not serious trouble but lived a bit more.

3. Stop going to church
I have made many great friends and meet lots of lovely people through attending a church but ultimately lost a lot of time going to something I no longer believe in, I just wonder what I could of done with all that time? I would have probably just wasted it playing computer games so maybe it wasn’t so bad. My youngest son things I will offend people with this one. Just to be clear I’m telling my younger self to do this, I’m telling anyone else not to go.

4. Don’t use credit cards
Just in case I didn’t listen to my older self the first time these are really a bad idea. Only use them in an emergency.

5. Travel more

Probably my biggest regret in life that I didn’t travel more. I can travel now and fully intend to but wish I had done it when I was younger when my legs where a lot better.

6. Stop playing the lottery
Total waste of money I have put way more into it then I ever got out. I’m still playing it now because I might win it in the future …

7. No really credit cards are a bad idea.

I was being serious about this one don’t use them. Not even in an emergency because most the time its wanting something rather than really need it.

8. Save money.
If only I had shown some restraint and done this rather than used credit cards, sorry I promise that’s the last time I’m going to mention them.

9. Don’t bother with politics
I was heavily involved with politics in my youth at the time I thought I was changing the world in reality I help get a few self-serving people get elected. I would have been better spending my time working for a charity or playing computer games.

10. Buy as many first edition Harry Potter book as you can find.

If I had got into the book when the first one came out rather than after the third one I would have been able to pay all those credit cards off (dam said it again).

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life but don’t have a lot of regrets, mainly about money, (see I didn’t say credit cards). Anyone feel like sharing theirs?

P.S. After finding that old picture of myself I would like to add; eat less cakes and get a sensible hair cut.


41 thoughts on “10 things I would tell my younger self

  1. Definitely agree with Credit Cards, feeling that sting a bit myself, but the one that really stood out to me is about getting into trouble. I’m exactly the same, I was always an innocent little kid, I HATED the idea of being in trouble, but I think it’s made me take less risks… and without risk there is no gain! (Except the risk of running up a credit card bill, of course)

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  2. I regret rushing to complete my degree. I sacrificed trips with my family, like whale watching, in order to take summer courses so that I could graduate just in time for the economy to go to heck.

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  3. GREAT idea for a blog post. Once I think about this a bit more I may do one myself, and will credit the idea to you and link to yours if/when that happens.

    Five Things I would tell my younger self now that I am in the final third of my life:
    #1 – Make SURE you learn about the power of compound interest and save 10% of every single dollar in an account you never touch until you are at least 65!! If you ignore this advice now, better late than never (even though you won’t compound as much, so will not amass the fortune you might have).

    Learn the “money rules” and keep them in mind as you choose how to spend your own. You won’t want to be old and poor — and time marches on faster than you can believe right now.

    #2- Make it a point to keep up with friends you meet along the way. They really ARE gold! Send birthday cards and call from time to time, even if you can never remember to do it in time. Don’t ever fall for the idea that tweets, texts and FaceBook are real connections, even if they do.

    #3 – Intimate relationships: Know your own worth. Engage slowly, disengage quickly – and don’t agonize over idiots. Treat sex with the reverence it deserves.

    #4 – Keep talking back to authority – as loudly as you must until they hear you, once you begin respectfully. *Especially* in the political arena! If not you, who? Don’t *ever* be passive about what you want in your life or in the world.

    #5 – DO use credit cards – but only for things you would buy with cash and HAVE the cash right now to be able to pay off the balance every single month (before late charges kick in). You will want to buy a house some day and will need to build a pristine credit history. BUY that house the minute you can afford one, and put any extra money on the mortgage until it is paid off. Trade up when you can.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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      1. I don’t have the follow-thru skills required, but I have a friend who repaired his credit rating by challenging every single negative report. Apparently creditors only have a certain amount of time to respond, otherwise it goes away, even if valid. At least, according to him – and it seems that few respond.


      1. I think for me I just don’t want to be financially or physically tied down. If I was single I could so embrace tiny home living.


  4. Were you a Johnny Rotten fan, by chance? Something about that haircut and jacket screams punk to me. I think I have a picture of my husband from his punk days and that looks like the same jacket he wore–though his was shock red.

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    1. I’m sorry but I have been laughing about your comment for days. One of my friends used to describe the jacket as battleship grey, I’m wearing a tie to a teenage drinking party and my dearest ambition at the time was to join the Young Conservatives. My idea of teenage rebellion was a little bit odd I was definitely not a punk fan.

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  5. I go my first credit card a year ago at 31, I am yet to get into trouble with it.I currently pay off 100% of the money I use the next month so no interest involved. I have been reading up on many horror stories and I am definitely not renewing it or getting another one. I am streamlining my finances this year so I will not need it after this year.
    I got into a lot of trouble as a kid. My answer to every sulking moment was running away from home. So lots of regrets there. I am with you on the traveling.
    I love this idea, may just do a post like this.:-)

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  6. “Hindsight has 20/20 vision”. I made a truck load of mistakes and missed a lot of opportunities; thing is if I’d made a ‘right’ choice or taken a more interesting route, I would probably not have met my wife and ego no 3 children or 5 grandchildren (sure there might have been other children and grandchildren- but not the ones who exist now). As I see it what’s done is done. Onwards ever onwards.
    It is an acknowledged fact every generation’s hairstyle will look odd 20/30 years time. (With an option for it to be fashionable again in time for the grandchildren)

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      1. . Mullets have nothing on 17th & 18th century style wigs; some of them must have been stuck on with glue.

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  7. Haha, I love the “get into more trouble” tip. I’ve thought that many times. I feel like just once, I should have snuck out of my bedroom window or skipped out on school. Instead, I took night classes so that I could have time for study hall, which allowed more time for me to read and write stories. So yeah, I don’t think one skipped Tuesday to go to a baseball game would have killed me.

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