Everyone needs a friend like James

dismal land, #DismalLand

I have a friend (I know hard to believe but I do) he’s called James. We meet as teenagers probably in the church Youth Group. I don’t remember anything from that time apart from we liked different music and very different politics, I do remember lending him a suit for a wedding. I had a lot of suits back then. As the years went on he got married and had kids and we stayed in touch, mainly through church.

I left the church became an atheist, found love and got married. A lot of my church friends melted away but he made a point of keeping in touch, despite the fact I was now a sinner and destined to burn in hell in everlasting torment. (He didn’t say that last bit I added it to make this article sound more interesting).

Now there is group of about eight of us, four regulars because we live in the same town and another four who occasionally join when they are visiting parents. He gets us all to go to the pub, watch a film, that type of thing, Without James this would never happen. We are to a man very lazy and would just about stay in touch on Facebook if it wasn’t for James. So, thank you James you have saved me from a social life just involving work colleagues (not that I don’t think you are all great, please still buy my book).

In the interest of balance, I would also like to point out the James has his faults, he was the one who persuaded me to go to Dismal Land, but I have forgiven him

Anyone else have a friend who doesn’t get the recognition they deserve?


8 thoughts on “Everyone needs a friend like James

  1. Yes, girl I knew when both of our children were babies right through until I moved away. Last year when I was having Radiotherapy in Exeter she travelled 250 miles twice to come and see me, We pick up where we have left off, no awkwardness. Lovely to have a friend like that,

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