Author research


All good authors research their stories, so I’m told. It’s been a bit hard to research some of mine as it involves a lot of magic. I was alright on the sailing parts as I’ve done a bit myself. There is one story line involving drugs, I didn’t research that personally but relied on my brother’s knowledge which I’m sure is theoretical only.

There is one part of my book I really want to get right as it crucial to the story. How does it feel to kill somebody? Obviously, I have no experience in this field but want to make my book realistic as possible. I can think of several people I would happily murder, in the interest of literacy. Would it hold up in court as justifiable?

‘I had to kill him your honor, to make my book more realistic.’

It seems justifiable to me but would it work? There aren’t any prison scenes in my book so 15 years behind bars would be wasted.


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