Why Can’t We Get Anything Done?

I’m supporting everything said in this article, the author and I have different political views. However the general idea behind I support. We all need to stand up and be counted and start having grown up conversations about politics, stop insulting each other. Don’t leave important issues to ones who shout the loudest!

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“It’s the Alt-right’s fault!”

“It’s the SJWs fault!”

“It’s the majority of people who choose to do nothing’s fault!”

“It’s the radicals fault!”

“It’s the people in Washington’s fault!”

Well… actually, you’re all right.


Yeah, surprised to hear me say it? I like to bash on Social Justice Warriors an awful lot, and believe me, I get more and more material daily. However they are not the only issue here.

Then what is the issue here, Jim?

Well… that’s where things get more complicated. Remember when I posted this little doozy:


Well consider it like this… the majority of the people are in the purple rage. The fringers are green and orange… While the rest of us outweigh these small radicals ten-fold, overly, we are silent, or not enough of us speak up to make a difference. The two minorities are the most vocal in their opinion and as…

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