March has been an awful month for me. Mainly because of my job, all my course work was due. This meant no time for writing. I pretty much worked seven days a week which left no time for my blog or my book. To make it worse I got a virus and took three days off work which put me even further behind. I also had an observed lesson on the last morning of term. A non-teacher wouldn’t know how stressful that can be but trust me it’s worse than a driving test. By the end of March it was so bad I was feeling ill and not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours a night. I’m not telling you this for sympathy it’s to put the next bit in context.

On the first Saturday of the month is my writing group. It’s a very lovely group and I’ve written about them before. Despite the fact, they are very nice I have been avoiding reading anything of mine being a bit of a coward. For some reason, last month, I took leave of my senses and agreed to read part of my first chapter. So now on top of all the pressure of work I know had this to worry about as well. On the Sunday after the group I sat down and read it, it was awful, a complete load of rubbish. So, I re-wrote quite a bit of it over the next two weeks. How did I find the time? I’m not sure myself, I had that first weekend after that it was all school work. I managed to fit I a couple of reading practices but I had to e-mail it off two weeks before not in a finished state.

By the time, I got to the reading, which was also the first day of the holiday I had got all my course work marked and moderated (just). This was mainly thanks to a friend giving up all her PPA and teaching my lessons for two days. I had had my observation and it went well. My blood pressure returned to normal. I had it tested that evening and was told I had it was the rate of and 18-year-old. If only I had the waist line of one!

The morning of the writing group came and it was if I had used all my reserves of stress, I was surprisingly calm. I should explain reading something out aloud to a group of people is one of my worst fears. I should have been shaking and spending a lot of time in the bathroom, for once I wasn’t.

When it came to the actual reading I muffed it up, which I knew I would. I read it way to fast but they had a paper copy so they could follow my high-speed ranting. I got some very helpful and useful feedback, which I shall be putting into practice, so it’s full steam ahead with the book.

Post script: It would have been full steam ahead with my book but the day after writing this my motherboard died (that’s a computer part Pat), so I have been a week without a computer, hence posting this after the actual event. But now it’s working again so on with the book. I’ve also caught up with all the blog comments, sorry it’s taken so long, which was very rude of me!

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