Guest Post – Ben Blake

I’ve been trying to get Ben to do a guest post for a while but being a prolific writer, father of a baby and another one on it’s way and working full time he’s quite hard to pin down. I finally manged it. He is a member of the writing group I go to, a brilliant author and all round nice guy. Take it away Ben.

Hi, I’m Ben Blake, author of the new Fantasy novel Black Lord of Eagles.

It’s my seventh book – you can find the others on Amazon. What I do is usually called historical Fantasy, but it’s not really. I take a historic culture as a template, but then I go in another direction. I think Fantasy has got caught in a rut of Tolkien imitations. I try to do something different.

With Black Lord of Eagles, the inspiration was the fall of the Inca about 500 years ago. It’s the last time two cultures met which had no understanding of one another, or how each culture worked. So I have two peoples who are completely alien, and have to learn about each other and themselves as the struggle begins. On one side, the horse-riding Thrain, with steel weapons and written books. On the other the Ashir, who thought they were the only people in the world. They’re armed with bronze, their warriors adorned with crested hair and bangles, and united by a man said to be the living servant of their Teacher god.

That man, Kai, is how the Ashir stay united. He proves that their god still loves them. He’s also the focus of mysticism and magic in the book, because the god really does seem to have sent a servant to the Ashir every generation for three thousand years. But now the strangers have come that might be over. The world isn’t what the Ashir thought it was, and they’re afraid.

There are surprises for everyone in Black Lord, including the reader. Perhaps the magic of the Teacher God is real, and perhaps it’s just myth. You’ll have to read the novel to find out.

Amazon UK link
Amazon US link
Authors Blog

I’ve got a copy but not read it yet. I’m still reading his Troy series which is excellent.

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